I will miss…

I’m ending an era of my life this week.

A little dramatic maybe, but I’m saying goodbye to a man who has been my pastor for about one fifth of my life. Pretty big influence. I mean, I’ve had several pastors over my lifetime. From my growing up in Tennessee to moving through North Carolina, Virginia and Texas to settle here in Oklahoma, I’ve had a good deal of great mentors. Some, sadly enough, I can’t remember their names. But they’ve all had a bit of influence in where I’ve ended up. Not to blame them, mind you. Where I am is all me and God. But, for the past decade, I have been under the supervision and shepherding of a pretty unique individual; one of which I will always remember his name and never forget. In fact, there are a myriad of things that I will miss about the man, Richard Kerr.

I will miss his preaching.

His steady guiding through the scriptures as well as his depth of experience and knowledge will always be appreciated and never fully replaced. His unmovable faith in the Word of God as well as his unwavering following of its treatises has kept me steady in the bedrock of God’s truth. I never tired sitting under his teaching and God always spoke something to me every week.

I will miss his guidance and leadership.

I could always count on him to never step far from the scriptures when giving advice or making decisions. But he never carelessly threw ‘religious’ answers at a situation. The truth always came with love and understanding. But, above all, his answers and guidance came with a Godly rationale and never knee-jerk emotion.

I will miss his OCD.

Strange as it seems, I will miss his sometimes irritating habit of chasing rabbits and becoming distracted with the simplest detail. All you had to do (and I did it sometimes just as a bit of fun) was say something that reminded him of a song or movie quote and it was off to the races. Staff meetings at the church were never boring and you never know where the conversation would end up. Most of the time we would end up waiting while he perused Youtube or Google for the tidbit of info or the one video performance that quelled his curiosity. But it was also this OCD nature that gave him an amazing eye for detail and made him indispensable in any organizational meeting.

I will miss his love of music and movie quotes (especially the Princess Bride).

He always had a song on his heart. Mostly religious, but not always. But the song was an uplifting tune revealing a joy that grew infectious to those around him. Pastor and I are alike in this ilk. Things in life remind me of one of the myriad of songs I’ve heard in my lifetime. Music becomes the glue that helps hold the world together. And he always had a Princess Bride quote ready and waiting. I don’t think I’ve known anyone that loved that movie more.

Well, when it comes right down to it, I will simply miss the man, Richard Kerr.

Dang, sounds like Eulogy. He may be moving on from our church, but God still has a plan and work for him to do. He is FAR from done. As I told him just the other night, it would be a shame if no church was to benefit from his discernment of the scriptures and his depth of wisdom and knowledge. No, this isn’t the end. In fact, it’s not even the end for us.

If I regret anything, it is that I didn’t spend enough time with the man. But, truth be told, we have an eternity ahead of use with plenty of time to hang up and catch up. And I, personally, look forward to that.


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