Apparently, I was in a playpen when JFK was shot.  I don’t remember it, of course.  So you’ll have to take my mom’s word for it.

NOVEMBER 22, 1963

Tough year for my mom.  Besides Kennedy being killed, her hero, Patsy Cline died earlier that year in a plane crash.  Believe it or not, that horrific, era defining moment capped off a pretty cool year.

Marvel comics was just beginning to bloom.  Most of the names we know and love debuted the year before and Stan’s creations were just beginning to catch fire!  Iron Man debuted in Tales of Suspense #39.  The first X-men comic was published along with Amazing Spider-Man and Avengers #1.


Astroboy debuted.  Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS first hit theaters.   The first ever WWE, then known as the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF), world champion, Buddy Rogers, was crowned.  Doctor Who began his decades long journey through the BBC as well as the American scifi show, Outer Limits.

Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his iconic ‘I have a dream’ speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Dr. No, the first James Bond film opened in May.  And Marlin Perkins intrepid adventure, MUTUAL OF OMAHA’S WILD KINGDOM,  aired first.

Like I said, a pretty cool year.


It was also the year that a fertile mind ready for the planting of the imagination of the times entered the world.  Yep, that was my birth year.  It is one I share with Michael, Jordan, Charles Barkley, Bret Michaels, Quentin Tarantino, Mike Myers, Johnny Depp, Coolio, Michael Chiklis and Norm Macdonald.  It was a fertile year for the imagination and talent and I, for one, am proud to sprout from it.

I was a child of the times.  For, no matter how hard my parents tried to raise a normal country boy, the culture of which I was nurtured just wouldn’t have it.  All of the above influences, the comics, movies and television shows, added to the natural curiosity of a child to bring about the random story generator  I am today.

Now, at 53 (I know this would be more profound if I was ’63’, but no time like the present), I look over things and realize the stories have yet to be discovered by anyone but myself and a choice few.  Here and now, that changes.  Headed into 2017 (along with 63, 17 is a powerful number in my life.  More later), I find it’s time to unleash the insanity I’ve cultivating all this time.

And, ahead of time….I’m sorry.  🙂



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