Jesus and the 12 Friends?

Just a thought.

From the beginning, God strives to have a relationship with Mankind.  He made the effort of creating them and offering them free choice.  He knew anything less would not be love; it would be control.  He wanted them to come to him and want a relationship just as much as he did.


I believe that, at the core of it all, God hungers for that kind of personal relationship with his creation.  I believe he instilled in each of us the Imago Dei aka the Image of God where we have the ability to reflect a baser replica of who God is.  One of those things is a need to love and be loved.

Does God need us?  Not really.  But he does crave a relationship with all of his being.  And not some superficial tolerance like we dole out these days.  He wants to give love and receive it.  In fact, without his acting out in love and reaching out to us in our fallen state (while we were yet sinners), we would not know how to love him at all (we loved him because he first loved us).

Thus we have this God given need to love and be loved.  Without the Almighty on the scene, it gets all kind of messed up.  But, if we allow God to peek through our darkness, we can find a love and relationship we had no idea existed.

This brings me to the twelve Disciples.

Now, above all, he was their Rabbi.  If you want to know more, look up info on the relationship between New Testament Rabbis and their students.  It’s astounding.  But, the 12 he brought together were more than pupils forced into class.  They were his friends.  Did they understand this while he was among them?  Nope.  Just like we won’t truly understand everything about our friend and savior in our short lives.  Thank God for eternity.  No really…we thank YOU.

My hypothesis is simple.  One of the reasons for Jesus pulling twelve men close to him was to FINALLY get a one on relationship with willing subjects.  Can you image the heart of God filled to brim finally being able to walk and talk with man like in the Garden again!?  I imagine Jesus as a social man who loved being in and around people.  He was willingly reaching out every waking hour of his day.  He LOVED people.  And the chance to interact with men of God as friends and not so much in a subservient role.

Don’t get me wrong.  They treated him as Rabbi and even as the Son of God as they came to understand it.  But they laughed, cut up, ate together and shared life.

I wish we could get a vision of his time with them.  We would understand more where we are headed.


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