Star Trek lied to me

To preface everything I’m about to say, Gene Roddenberry is one of my personal heroes.  His was a vast imagination and opened up a world of wonderthat I appreciate to this day.  And, although I’m more of a Star Wars fan (High School in the later seventies…go figure), I ate up as much of Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise as I could.

But it lies.

The basic ideal pushed by the whole concept is that Man will someday dig its way out of this mess and rise above…well…everything.

Considering this, it is interesting that there was a story at all.  No disease.  No racial strife.  No battle of the sexes (sorta).  But wait…the show had all of that.  At it wasn’t just the evil aliens.  There were plenty of occurrences of humans being…well humans.

Yep…I said it.  Humans being humans.  Much like today.  All the rhetoric and PC control and we still have more strife than we did yesterday.  Our young are indoctrinated into cages as to not show too strong a belief in anything.  To do so would be BAD.  Don’t get too excited about your cute little ideals.  Because if you stick your head above the crowd, we will chop it off.

But Star Trek promised things would get better with technology and a more progressive mindset.  Don’t hold your breath.  Because, if you study history, you will realize that we are not evolving into something better.  We are actually devolving into something worse.

I have spiritual answers as to why and the solution, but I won’t go into that here.

Suffice it to say that the whole premise is shot.  Man isn’t basically good.  Have you ever had to teach a child to do bad?  Nope.  They’re pretty good at it.

If anything, as we advance technology and communication, we get lazier and complacent and degrade into the worst this world has to offer.  Pretty bleak.  But, like I said, I have a positive if you want to hear it…


More later….


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