Starring into the wrong mirrors

I mentioned last time that I was taking more time looking into mirrors.  But, along the way, I have found it pays to be careful what mirrors you actually peer into.

We accept so many interpretations of who we are from so many broken and warped mirrors that it’s no wonder we have no idea who we are half the time.

Take, for instance, the most used mirror in our lives.  This would be the image we receive from our past.  Our past, especially childhood, tends to impress upon us a version of ourselves that we all too often accept as fact.  The hurtful words of parents or siblings.  The assessments of our vicious school mates.  Even the painful evaluations by people we loved or cared for at one time.  These mirror images stick with us way too much.

The image we draw of ourselves at a young age may stick unless altered by a more accurate mirror.  Even into adulthood, we find the image of that broken young child follows us much too far through life. Everything we do, say and think stems for the most part from this inaccurate visage in the dark mirror.

We also live with the image others cast for us.  This image becomes marred and deformed through the selfish, one-sided evaluation of people we call our friends and family.  And, at times, we allow how our enemies see us to effect how we see ourselves.  This is the most malevolent of them all.  Those that wish us harm should never be allowed to effect the image in our mirror.  But we allow it all the time.

What we get in the end is a confused mess.

Without getting to spiritually deep, the best mirror is the Bible itself.  It doesn’t lie or have selfish motives.

Long story short.  Time to get a new image in the mirror and be careful what impute you allow.  As for me, I’m moving past the stage of accepting that broken little boy as gospel in  my life.  I also am carefully reevaluating how I came to certain assessments of myself.  It’s time to paint a new image; one I’ve seen in my dreams.  Time to become the person in my most positive mirror.  The mirror of what I can be at my best achieving the dreams that exceed anything I’ve yet to attain.


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