Driven to act

Still not dead.  Just thought I’d add that here….

In the past week, I’ve had the privilege to experience the passions of men of conviction.  Now, I might get spiritual with you here.  I don’t usually, but I can’t help it.  You see, I too am a man of passion….a man of spiritual calling.  So, when I see other men or women who feel led to take on extraordinary tasks that most of us wouldn’t dream of, I take notice.

It started with the discovery of an outdoor play that takes place in Disney, Oklahoma every summer (Sorry, they’re done for the year, but plan ahead for next year).  No, you won’t meet Mickey Mouse there.  What you will find there is more akin to the Little Mermaid.  It’s a peaceful lake area with lots of boating and fishing and that sort of recreation.  Not much more than that.  Though, if you happen to notice the sign announcing THE PICTURE IN SCRIPTURE AMPHITHEATER, you may find yourself headed for an adventure of Biblical proportions.


This piece of theater in the middle of this Grand Lake community has been the passion for twenty plus years of Bill and Linda Goldner.  Winning the heart and many awards in this out of the way place, Bill and Linda have brought the scripture to life with the help of 80+ people, a few exotic animals (camels, etc) and theatrical flair and special effects.  Their main production, THE MAN WHO RAN, is the story of Jonah and the salvation of Nineveh.  It also takes time to connect this amazing story to words and mission of Jesus; laying out the Gospel message for all to see and challenges all to make a decision concerning their relationship to God.


What possesses a man, a preacher even, to dedicate so much of his life to such an endeavor?  We could simply say ‘GOD’ and walk away, but it’s more than that.  God calls all the time, but it’s the rare occasion when a man, woman or couple actually listen and takes things to their missions end.


It wasn’t two days later that I had the pleasure of sitting in, not one, but two services led by a dear brother Craig Hobbs.  His passion, FLAME OF FIRE MINISTRIES, drove him to minister year by year to the people of Malawi, Africa.  In an area so different than his home state of Oklahoma, Craig preaches the Good News to people who may be hearing it for the first time.  Many are very accepting of the message, but some, as in the Muslim dominated areas, are resistant to down right violent towards it.


This isn’t a job for these two men.  I’m sure they’re not making money hand over fist doing what they’re doing.  I’m also sure whatever money they do make goes back into their ministry, their passion to do more and reach more.

So, what possesses a man so?  Or a better question is what possesses or drives you or me?  And why aren’t we pursuing our passions?  Whether we feel directed by our Creator to do so or it’s simply something that excites us and gives us purpose, why aren’t we doing it more?  Fear?  Feelings of inadequacy?   Time constraints?

Whatever it is, it’s time to build us a bridge and get over it…



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