Hunt for the elusive printer driver and other 21st Century craziness

Sorry for the absence, my friends.  I’ve been in a bit of upheaval the last week.  Seems my air conditioner decides to go out as well as a myriad of tech related apocalypses at work.  And I, as the mighty hunter aka the IT man, has been on the ‘hunt’ for solutions.

maxresdefault (1)

It’s an odd world we live in, really.  But, unlike many my age, I do not pine for days gone by so much.  No, I knew when I was growing up that I didn’t belong to that age.

I ‘wax nostalgic’, don’t get me wrong.  There are things I lived through that I would rather not forget.  Doesn’t mean I’m ready to jump in the Delorian and ride with Marty back to the 80s!  Nope.  Been there; Done that.  And I have the memories to prove it.

No, I’m at home here in the good ole 21st century; where comic book superheroes are matinee idols and the world’s library is at your fingertips.  What other time could I watch the trailer to an upcoming movie, talk with my friends and research Parthian legend, King Artabanus V, all at the same time?!  I enjoy the internet.  Of course, I’ve always adored research.  This information age has released my frustration of not living near an adequate research library for the past few decades.  Oh, yes, I can look up anything and do on occasion.

Of course, I absolutely have to be careful as we all do.  Spending so much time on the computer can become an endless time sucking endevor.  Facebook alone had taken months, if not, years from my life.  It’s a glorious and scary place, the internet.  I chase more rabbits online than my pastor on Sunday morning.  And I love it.  I truly do.


I have to remind myself on days like this.  As I stand at the end of a week long technological nightmare here at work, I have to calm myself and think of all the positives of living life now.  Because, if it weren’t for the joy of googling ANYTHING I want and enjoying ANY form of entertainment at my fingertips,  I would simply be seen running across my front yard, heaving that genius idiot box into the ditch and screaming all the way!  Yes, I have to keep things in perspective.

maxresdefault (2)

But it’s hard…

I sit here thinking that my ancestors possibly hunted the mighty mammoth and developed the amazing civilizations I read about.  And here I am, the might hunter; chasing the quick and dangerous driver and tracking the elusive network printer across the barren wasteland of technology.  Uh…yeah…I need to watch the next episode of Daredevil on the blade of my weapon of choice; my cell phone…victory is near…



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