Rainy Days and Monday…

Yeah, i know it’s not Monday.

It’s just that the funk I’m in came with Monday and the rain.  So the song rings true.

I think it’s all wrapped up in the complex mess that I am.  At times, I feel as though I have split personalities.   Or maybe it’s multiple personalities.  I don’t know.  But I look at what I want to get accomplished and it takes on the aspects of several splintered pieces of my life.  I want to focus, but, I have so many different things I wish to accomplish, I end up in a muddle.

Especially when it rains.  It’s a rain thing I think.  Something wrapped up in my allergies.  I never had them as bad as my mom, thank God, but I can end up a dizzy mess at times.  Can’t concentrate.  Can’t focus.  Depression pushes in.  And, I realize quite suddenly that there’s no real reason to suddenly be depressed.  Nothing has changed to warrant my attitude taking a nosedive.  So, I figure its chemical.  That’s when I decide not to worry myself over my failures or missed opportunities or even my inability to organize my riot of a life.

I almost shouldn’t be blogging.  Right?  You can tell that if I think too long or write too long, I’ll get us all down.  But, I’m all cool.  Except for the fact that I have this other life, this other person I wish to be.


Of course, I want to further my biblical studies and continue to teach and preach God’s word wherever he opens up.

On another front, I have another book about ready and need to look toward funding it and selling more of the first one.  Part of that will entail me speaking at more churches about it and hitting book signings and book events.  The other, less ‘glamorous’ part will be shifting back through the book and editing.


And I have another book that isn’t ‘Christian’ and is definitely fiction which deals with both my  obsession with the Magi and my strange compulsion to the emerging age of the 19th century.

I have a serial fiction I’ve been working on which would be under the horror genre and thought about adapting it to a book.

I also have about three solid comic book ideas that I need to adapt into scripts.

As apart of my various interest, I’m on Facebook and Twitter a lot and run a couple of websites on the side promoting the strange alternate realities of my existence.

That, and I keep up with my family and my church.  Not to mention my yard.  (Please don’t mention my yard…)

SO, if I come off a bit muddled sometimes; forgive me.  Just breathe a prayer and grant me and good word and/or a slap on the back.  Because I’m far from done on this rock. And I’ll be damned if a little rain is gonna stop me…pardon me.  Got work to do.


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