Happy Birthday to the original Spider-Man: Nicholas Hammond

Just happened to see that yesterday was the Birthday of my first Peter Parker.  No, not Tobey, although I will always have a special place in my heart for those first three movies.  I’m talking about the ‘original’ live action Spider-Man.  For me, that will always be Nicholas Hammond, star of the short lived spider-Man Tv show from the 70s.

I do a lot of work online listening to the constant whining about CGI and terrible scripts and, you know, I just don’t get it.  I really don’t want to always be the old man in the room ranting, “Back in my Day!”  But I’m feeling my limit of the constant whining perfectionists who go on and on about how bad some comic book movies are.  Personally, I think they should sit through this whole series and get back to me.

But it’s not my point that the shows were that bad.  They were bad for 2016, but amazing for 1977.  Especially if you were a young, imaginative, entertainment starved kid.  I was actually a young teenage when this show was out, but I never ‘outgrew’ such shows.  I was still catching Saturday morning cartoons and pouring over the comics like I did when I was a ‘kid’.  No, when this show came out it was a dream come true.  To see a comic hero like Peter Parker/Spider-Man come to life was mesmerizing.  Sure, I scoffed a bit at the horrible wall crawling and extra thick webbing.  But I understood how hard it was just to pull off the content they did.

This was a good time for Marvel and live action TV.  Bill Bixby was immortalizing Bruce Banner for a generation on the Hulk tv show.  And so long before Civil War, Captain America raced onto the small screen on his motorcycle and throwing his plexiglass shield to the glee of young eyes.  But, of all of those (along with Batman and Wonder Woman from the DC side) I love Spider-Man the most and it broke my heart when they shut it down.

No, it might not have been big budget.  It may have lacked the computer’s futuristic touch.  And, yes, it might have been just a touch goofy looking at times.  But, once a week, it became my window through which I escaped this boring, unimaginative existence.  And Nicholas Hammond, for an hour a week, became Peter Parker to me and one of my personal heroes.

Hope you had a great birthday, Nicholas.



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